Man Poems creator Christopher Ward began his endeavors as a writer at a very young age. Throughout middle and high school, he focused on writing rock lyrics in the style of his favorite bands-Def Leppard, Poison and Cinderella. Focusing mostly on what he calls "the holy trinity" of rock and roll themes: rock sex and night, he churned out load after load of poorly-rhymed lyrics for his fledging bands.

It wasn't until he discovered an unusual volume of poetry in his mother's bookshelf that the early inspirations for Man Poems came to him. As he has noted, "From the cover, I was both greeted and enchanted by a wide, beautiful smirk. The woman’s eyes, completely overdone with dark shadow and thick eyeliner, cried out to my senses—my heart. 'Open me,' she said. 'Read me. View me. Love me.' I opened; I read. I viewed; I loved. I was touched. And from that moment on, I knew that one day I would be a poet. I knew that I could write poems just as amazing as the ones in that book: Touch Me: The Poems of Suzanne Somers.

I asked myself, 'Self, if it was possible for a woman like Suzanne Somers, star of the hit television program She’s the Sheriff, to capture her most womanly thoughts and passions in verse form, would I not also be able to do the same?' Several seconds later I responded with a resounding affirmative and decided that I could also write poems framed against pretty black and white photos."

Decades later, after procrastinating through thousands of hours of Xbox and watching NFL football, Chris finally put the proverbial pen to paper and began constructing the works of Man Poems. The end result is something that he has said not only makes him proud, but also is a fine accompaniment to a night of drinking and fun.

In addition to Man Poems, Chris has published two books of poetry, Seventeen Days and Rico. When not writing or working full-time as the Webmaster to his alma mater, Kennesaw State University, he enjoys spending time watching Baltimore Ravens football, playing video games, drinking beer (preferably Samuel Adams) and obsessing over the minutiae of the Star Wars universe.

Chris has been married for fifteen years to his wife, Michelle (who he met at KSU). They have two daughters, Gracie (10), and Reagan (7).


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